Department of English for Engineering 1

The Department consists of 44 highly qualified research and teaching staff, including 1 professor, 8 candidates of sciences (including 7 associate professors), 12 senior teachers, and 21 teachers. The scientific supervisor of the department is Professor Natalia S. Saienko. Teachers of the department are involved in scientific and pedagogical activity at 5 faculties of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky KPI“, teaching English to about 5000 students. They deliver English courses at the following faculties: Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management (IESEM), Faculty of Heat and Power Engineering (FHPE), Faculty of Electronics (FEL), Faculty of Electric Power Engineering and Automatics (FEPEA), Chemical Technology Faculty (FCT).
The main tasks of the department are:

  • to teach English for Engineering at a high level of proficiency;
  • to provide language assistance and train students to participate in students’ conferences and competitions;
  • to develop English language course curricula and teaching materials.

The teaching staff of the department take part in the research of essential issues of the methodology of teaching English for Engineering, and improve their professional skills by taking professional development courses in leading universities of Ukraine, the British Council, and Kyiv English Teaching Resource Center.
The department works in close collaboration with other NTUU “KPI” departments, and foreign language departments of other educational institutions. Every spring the department holds scientific conferences for senior students to present the reports on speciality-related topics in English.
In response to the effect of European integration on education of Ukraine the department introduces and implements syllabi of English language courses designed in full accordance with the Bologna process.
The teaching staff of the department ensure that students develop a high level of English language communicative competence. Multimedia technologies, interactive strategies, and communicative approach techniques incorporated in the educational process facilitate students to achieve B2 and С1, which are standard CEFR levels for Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree graduates, respectively.
The department is making great progress, constantly enhancing the quality of language teaching, and increasing the efficiency of English lessons. This is done by creating working groups and research teams responsible for regularly holding conferences, providing support for novice teachers, arranging seminars on the latest methodological trends and educational technologies in English teaching practice. The teachers participate in national and international conferences and workshops, keep up on the new teaching methods to implement in their English classes, and collaborate with other universities on the current projects in the field of foreign language training.
The teachers of the department will continue to contribute to the development of modern Ukraine by training highly-qualified and well-educated specialists to become outstanding figures in the field of science and engineering.