To participate in international mobility programs, students, along with other documents, submit a certificate certifying the level of knowledge of a foreign language. 

To obtain a certificate, students MUST:

  1. have an average score of not less than 4 (The average score is set in the application form by the employee of the dean’s office or department with the name and signature of the person who calculates the average score);
  2. provide information on the selected mobility program: learning plan (Learning Agreement) indicating disciplines / courses, scope of study / ECTS /. (This document must be signed at the faculty / institute by the person responsible for re-enrolling the courses after the candidate has studied at a partner university).
  3. notify your foreign language teacher in advance of your intention to obtain a certificate;
  4. pre-register using the electronic form with the link
  5. provide the commission with copies of documents to confirm items 1 (application form) and 2 (training plan);
  6. appear in time for testing.

After receiving and processing your application, a notification will be sent to your email address about the date and place of the test. 

The test includes the following types of tasks: listening, reading, writing and speaking. The first three tasks are performed in writing. After the student completes the first three tasks, they are checked by the commission (the commission is selected and approved at a meeting of the Academic Council of the Faculty of Linguistics in accordance with Order №231 of 29.09.2014). The fourth task (speaking: monologue and dialogic speech) the student makes commissions orally. 

After processing the results, the student receives a certificate of the approved sample within a week.