Scientific activity of the department

Concepts of Scientific Work

  • Publication of scientific papers in professional journals.
  • Presentations at scientific conferences and publication of conference abstracts, arranged by the NTUU “KPI” and other educational institutions.
  • Organization of research & practice conferences at all levels.
  • Providing assistance to I-VI year students of technical faculties in writing professionally-oriented papers in English and participating in English-speaking students’ scientific conferences and competitions.
  • Writing PhD thesis. Preparation for PhD thesis defence.
  • Organization of academic seminars and workshops.
  • Organization of academic seminars and workshops for the “Association of Novice Teachers” members.

Scientific activities

  • Taking qualifying examinations for the PhD course participants
  • PhD thesis defence
  • Participation in the department conferences
  • Arrangement and testing of students’ self-study work
  • Seminars on training teachers to work in a multimedia classroom, interuniversity conferences, international conferences
  • Publications of conference abstracts
  • Publication of research papers in scientific and professional journals
  • Improving professional skills by taking professional development courses in the leading universities of Ukraine
  • Taking part in the seminars and training courses arranged by the British Council and Kyiv English Teaching Resource Center.
  • Preparing students for participation in conferences
  • Providing language assistance and train students to defend their courseworks, Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree diplomas in English
  • Supervision of teaching practice of students of the Faculty of Linguistics
  • Writing reviews of scientific papers, textbooks, workbooks, study guides, etc.
  • Reviewing articles, participation in editorial board of scientific publications