Concepts of Methodological Work

All methodological work of the department is carried out in the following directions:

  1. Academic Process Support:
    • curricula development: syllabus, curriculum, regulations for ECTS credits;
    • practical lessons support: lesson plans, textbooks, texts with follow-up tasks, grammar tasks, tests;
    • organization of students’ self-study work: students’ manuals writing or selected texts with follow-up tasks;
    • individual work: translation on request of  graduate departments, scientific report topics, recommended literature, Internet addresses, terminological dictionaries.
  2. Writing and publication of students’ manuals, textbooks and didactic materials.
  3. ECTS criteria development on evaluating the activity of students according to Regulations for ECTS credits.
  4. Tests development:  initial, diagnostic and final testing.
  5. Control paper development.
  6. Development of standardized tests for bachelors’ testing (to check the CEFR level).
  7. Preparation of examination tasks.
  8. Compilation of terminological dictionaries.
  9. Selection of scientific paper topics, recommended literature (periodicals, Internet address, etc.).
  10. Collection of electronic storage media library.
  11. Introduction of multimedia technologies in educational process. Development of corresponding multimedia programs.
  12. Implementation of language portfolio for engineers.
  13. Organization and holding of faculty and all-university research-to-practice students’ conferences for 3rd-4th year students.
  14. Implementation of educative work with students.
  15. Reviewing textbooks, manuals, dictionaries, reference books
  16. Development and introduction of new forms, methods and technologies of education

Teachers work hard on these issues. Each teacher plans the work at the beginning of the academic year, and reports on the work done at the end of the academic year.