Академія цифрового розвитку

Even though the university year is ending, teachers are actively preparing for the next one. Make your classes more engaging and effective with distributed didactic materials!
Join the distance course “Creating Distributed Didactic Materials” from the Academy of Digital Development and create materials that truly work!

What can you expect from the course?

Interactive Lessons: Learn how to create vibrant and captivating distributed materials that will motivate your students to actively learn.
🛠️ Practical Skills: Gain tools and methods for developing didactic materials that you can use in your classes next school year.
🎨 Creative Approach: Unleash your designer potential! We will teach you how to create visually appealing and pedagogically sound materials.
📚 Theory and Practice: A balanced combination of theoretical knowledge and practical tasks will help you fully immerse yourself in the process of creating high-quality didactic materials.

Key Topics of the Course:

📌 Fundamentals of Didactic Design
📌 Creating Printed Didactic Materials
📌 Developing Materials for Lapbook Creation
📌 Creating Custom Templates for Organizing Various Activities
📌 Electronic Didactic Materials

Course Format:

🎥 Video Lessons
📂 Practical Assignments
💬 Online Support and Live Discussions

Course Start Date: June 10, 2024
Details on the support site:
Don’t miss the chance to upgrade your qualifications and make your classes more exciting! Register today!

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