Теми рефератів. 4 курс.

  1. The State of Energy Service Company Today;
  2. The Greenhouse Effect;
  3. History of Greenhouse Effect;
  4. Consequences of the Growing Greenhouse Effect;
  5. Better Technology Saves Energy;
  6. The Ideal Energy House;
  7. Public Transport and Energy;
  8. Integrated Energy Systems;
  9. Fusion Energy – a Dream about the Unlimited Energy Source;
  10. Ocean Wave Energy;
  11. Fuel Cells;
  12. Energy Storage Technologies;
  13. Energy – Efficient and Flexible Public Transport Systems;
  14. Energy – Efficient and Resource-Conserving Production Processes;
  15. Coordination of Many Small Units in an Energy System;
  16. Energy System of the Future;
  17. Energy News.

Рекомендована література

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